Michael’s Story Update + My Other Works

I write supernatural/ paranormal fantasy/ horror for those of you interested, and have just published “The Vae”

“Nash” will be next. It’s one of my science fiction books.

People have been asking if I’m going to be writing Michael’s Story, and yes I will be. I wasn’t going to be at first, but I couldn’t complete his arc or do it justice without having him the subject of his own book. Braden’t Story was also getting to be a large book, and I couldn’t make it any longer. In fact, I had to split his novel in two parts, and remove some of the middle which were his days of gay therapy. Michael’s Story, however, won’t be that long. But just a warning, it will be heavy in adult themes. Michael, as you know, is a little bit reckless and somewhat troubled, so he finds himself in situations that are MA 15+

Michael’s Story should be live around late April, it really just depends on work.

10 thoughts on “Michael’s Story Update + My Other Works

  1. I recently re-discovered Braden’s story and could not find Aaron’s–no longer in my ereader.
    Then I saw that the newest version is an updated book so did Amazon delete my earlier purchase so it could list the newest version?
    I wanted to start with Aaron’s story— can you help me? Do you know what happened to the first version?


    1. Yeah, Aaron’s Story has been updated. Not sure why it’s disappeared from your reader, though, because Amazon gave me the impression the update would be available to anyone who’d downloaded the book, but that it was optional, and that the book wouldn’t be automatically delated from devices. Check if the book is available in Amazon to you as an already purchased download, otherwise shoot me and email.


  2. Dear Mr Mason i jsut read Braden’s story and am enthralled with your writting…it says your writting michaels story and above says it should have been out by april…but i cannot locate it anywhere…when can we expect that to be released? and im also writting to inquire where can we purchase hard copies of your wonderful books? Particularly Braden’s Story, Aarons Story and the soon to be relaesed Michael’s Story….i must have these for my personal library….based on Braden’s Story alone i know i will be enthralled…it made me cry i couldn’t put it down….thank you for this beautiful piece of literature…


    1. Hi there, yes unfortunately it isn’t out yet. I really wanted to have it completed by April, but life became busy and I had to put it on the back-burner. However, I’m working on it every chance I have. I don’t want to lock myself in to a specific release date, but it will be live asap. As for hard copies, I had thought about it. A few people have asked now, so I would like them available, even just for the few that would like them. I just have to figure out the legal stuff regarding the royalty and solicitation aspects of the cover art, as I’m quite attached to my — some would say — basic photo design. Anyway, I’m glad you liked them, and thanks for getting in touch. Kind regards.


      1. thank you so much for getting back with me…i can’t wait for both the new book and the hard copies…I swear i know Michael in real life…i have a friend named Lake who everytime i read about Michael i was seeing Lake in my head..Thanks again for such beautiful books!


  3. I got a copy of Braden’s story and have managed to read it in three days. I went on goodreads.com to see if you had anything else. I haven’t felt so attached to a character since I read Cassandra Clare’s Sweep series. I’m excited to learn that Aaron’s story is available so I’ll have something to read for the next few days. Even more excited to hear Michael has a book (who doesn’t love a bad boy?). I noticed this hasn’t been updated in a few months. Any update on his book? Thanks!


  4. It gives me great joy to learn you are still working on Michael’s story. I Read Aaron’s and Braden’s story the past couple of days. Without having all the facts, I believe that Braden’s parents are partly responsible for the fallout of a couple of our friends. (female best friend and first boyfriend). Braden was good for Michael. Without B Michael lost his way (again) resulting in the disturbing revelation. Also, B might have still had is BFF bond with Mia and there would have been a different outcome. God bless Tom. He’s the perfect brother. I hope there is closure soon with the release of Michael’s story. Their lives are going to be with me for a long time.


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