Australian Politics: Sophisticated Brutality

Organized Chaos?


I’m losing count of how many prime ministers we’ve had in the years I’ve been alive (mild exaggeration). It seemed like, in my childhood, John Howard would be prime minister forever. Then Kevin happened, then Julia, then Kevin again, then Tony and now Malcolm (in the space of 2-3 years). Australian politics is a brutal, cutthroat affair. Some would say dysfunctional, which it can be. But there’s a silver lining: the Australian public has influence.

In this country, unpopular thugs would find it exceedingly difficult to hold their grip. Because if the public doesn’t like you, goodbye. That’s not to say you were a terrible prime minister. But you’ve taken the baton of false promises, bluff, question skirting, back peddling and passed it on to the next chap.

Why this constant reshuffling isn’t all bad in dot points:

  • Proves little media sway. Left and right leaning media outlets aren’t pressured by the Government. This is the better of two evils.
  • Political foes aren’t shot dead on obscure, dark streets, they’re stabbed in the back in front of the entire nation. We can all see your dirty laundry.
  • Polls win. More Australians would prefer you as PM? Australia has the chance to see if you’re better without having to wait.
  • Legislation still passes. Promised a change? You still have time.
  • This brutal environment doesn’t let you get comfy. The Australian public is your master. You have the job because we put you there, not because you’re a power-hungry thug with a god complex.
  • Dysfunctional, but still functioning.
  • Change sooner rather than later is usually better.

Maybe Australian politics is in a sorry state right now, but look what we’re not… Think Russia, think the GOP, think almost every country across the Middle East and Africa… In this country, our opinion matters. Tony is gone because the Liberals knew that if he wasn’t, losing the next election would be a sure thing (almost). Party funding just isn’t enough to keep you in power (sorry Christian right, sorry big business).

We can bemoan the sorry state of affairs, but it highlights the fact we still have power. A Putin will never run this country. Dirty laundry is hung out to dry in the front yard and the media is free to savage you like a pitbull, which means corruption is a very risky business. This all equates to a more educated public. The media is, perhaps, a little too strong, but the left and right freedom balances it out.

Of note: they all suck anyway. Here’s why in dot points:

  • Pro same-sex marriage at 60 – 70% and growing. Still not legal.
  • Pro Euthanasia at 80% and steady. Still not legal.
  • Pro Islamifcation safeguards. Hard to put figures on it, but Australia says no to Islamifcation, yet Islamic seeds are free to take root (no controls against Islamic immigration).

Majority/ consensus still means nothing despite the Government’s desire to please the nation. The fact euthanasia for the terminally ill is consistently ignored by the two major parties both astounds and infuriates me. It’s why I haven’t voted in the past two elections. I will never support a government that ignores people that are suffering.

2 thoughts on “Australian Politics: Sophisticated Brutality

  1. Interesting to hear your take on politics. I’m American so I don’t know as much about your country’s political scene as I wish I did, but most of the Australians I’ve known really disliked Abbott. Is there any chance that the new government will legalize gay marriage, or is that unlikely until Labor gets back into power?


    1. I really hope so. Malcolm Turnbull, who just won power, is a gay marriage advocate. A vocal one at that. Everyone in the public, but especially his party, knows that. Yet he still won the prime ministership by a healthy margin. The thing is, the Liberals, despite their name, are traditionally conservative. They call themselves “liberal” in reference to their business and corporate liberalism. More than half of them aren’t in favour of gay marriage, but their position is weakening/ changing. They face the challenge of a younger demographic. I mean, nowadays nearly everyone has a gay friend or relative and the liberal party is losing ground when it comes to young voters because people are more willing to support their friends and family. Will this change in leadership be enough to make it happen? Honestly, I doubt it. The problem we face is that the older, more ignorant demographic still runs the show, so we’re going to have to wait for them to die off to really get things moving. However, if Labour were to regain power, it may just happen.

      Either way, many people, Liberal or Labour, seem more willing to compromise on gay marriage these days so long as legislation they do believe in happens. So I can’t actually see Liberal losing ground if their support should swing in favour of gay marriage. Many of those that used to be against it simply don’t care these days as they see it as inevitable. Also, they’re just more worried about housing prices, unemployment, asylum seekers, etc. Gay marriage is losing its contention.


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