Michael’s Story Update + My Other Works

I write supernatural/ paranormal fantasy/ horror for those of you interested, and have just published “The Vae”

“Nash” will be next. It’s one of my science fiction books.

People have been asking if I’m going to be writing Michael’s Story, and yes I will be. I wasn’t going to be at first, but I couldn’t complete his arc or do it justice without having him the subject of his own book. Braden’t Story was also getting to be a large book, and I couldn’t make it any longer. In fact, I had to split his novel in two parts, and remove some of the middle which were his days of gay therapy. Michael’s Story, however, won’t be that long. But just a warning, it will be heavy in adult themes. Michael, as you know, is a little bit reckless and somewhat troubled, so he finds himself in situations that are MA 15+

Michael’s Story should be live around late April, it really just depends on work.