The Jihad Joke

Jihad: the struggle against non-believers, or war in the minds of extremists. This is a wonderful example of religious arrogance. What I believe is the truth and any of those who contest me or do not share my beliefs is an infidel, is a sinner, is destined for hell, is threatening me, IS WRONG. Muslims, converts especially, have one hell of a nerve if you ask me. They’ve created an enemy out of thin air and expect the other side to join the fight in order for them to triumph.

Take for example ISIS, the most extreme example of jihad. Anyone who doesn’t believe or practice their extremist ideology is NOT human. Their lives have NO value. They’ll happily torture/ mutilate/ kill Christians, atheists, gays and OTHER MUSLIMS. Why? Because their imagined/ interpreted mythology permits it. Mythology with no scientific backing whatsoever. It’s this kind of shit that floors atheists, agnostics and secularists alike. This brutal arrogance isn’t human, it can’t be.

But what kind of environment leads to this augmented reality, this seemingly nonsensical behaviour? One in which questions are frowned upon or whose answers come directly from the source in question. Take for example this comment: Jesus’ teachings are proof of the creator. Now, any uncompromised adult with a brain will be able to figure out why this is a fallacy. But some can’t, usually those raised in faith-mad households, because they’ve been taught/ conditioned to accept their belief is the foundation of the proof. This, quite frankly, is a heinous and fatal human error with disastrous consequences.

Of course, the threat of execution is enough to keep people believing. For example, anyone who is Muslim or simply born to one and then denies the teachings, is a murtadd – which is punishable by death in Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Yemen and various other countries that’ve adopted Islam as the state religion. So how would a Christian, who asserts Jesus as saviour and the only way into Heaven, justify the fact anyone who remains Muslim in the face of apostasy is destined for hell? Arrogance, if you ask me. More bloody arrogance and a total disregard of human life.

But now we get to the true struggle, the genuine struggle, the ONLY struggle, and that’s Muslims alright, those wishing to question, contest or LEAVE the faith. It’s already a crime punishable by death. But they’re not the only ones to face such hardship. No, this is a struggle faced by ANYONE who rejects Islam, those who aren’t or never were religious included. It might be easy to let theists believe whatever they want, but when they’re a bully in the playground wanting to start the fight, what do you do? What do you do when their “struggle” isn’t a struggle but an act of war, a provocation, a demand of submission and conversion? Do you ignore the senseless brutality and murder? Do you ignore every beheaded Christian, gay, educated woman? Or, do you fight back and let them have the fight, the battle, the war that has them frothing at the mouth in anticipation?

Extremism is poison; ultra conservatism is the same thing, and while these attitudes remain—fester, nothing will change. All I know is war/ fighting will never help. It only strengthens allegiances and fosters resentment and hatred for the enemy, who is, a lot of the time, created out of thin air based on unsubstantiated fallacies or personal prejudices – and that’s one of the major themes in my gay teen series. It highlights the fact an enemy is made out of people that don’t consider you one. But that’s what it’s like in this world sometimes… “difference” is assumed to be an attack, a divergence; questioning is blasphemy and a free, critical mind will get you killed–or worse: silenced.