Am I a horrible person?


(Be honest. I welcome the harsh reality and differing points of view)

When I look at the Syrian refugees on TV, I feel nothing. When I hear the plight of people on the African continent, I feel nothing. In fact, if I had it my way, I’d ban Australia from accepting Syrian refugees and would stop all African aid. Well, maybe not all aid and maybe I’d accept some refugees, but only gays and atheists. Because—though I hate believing it—a lot of people in the Middle East and Africa deserve persecution and endless strife.

For years, gays and atheists have faced severe penalties throughout the two regions. Gays have been lynched, atheists have been thrown in jail and the outrage is mainly confined to outside their borders. The tolerance towards LGBT people across most of Africa is nil. We’re hunted, we’re bashed and we suffer horrendous attacks in the form of governmental legislation, even in places such as Morocco and Egypt, but especially in places such as Uganda and Somalia.

So when ebola hit, I didn’t raise a brow, I didn’t donate money, I simply hoped that the wild populations of ape (gorilla, chimp, etc) managed to pull through okay. I didn’t give a shit about human fatalities. People were sick and dying, I saw them on TV every night, but I switched to something more interesting and quickly forgot about them.

And when it comes to Syria, meh. Just another homophobic country where the people and their attitudes don’t warrant my compassion. In actual fact, a lot of them deserve to suffer the brunt of persecution. Yes, I just inferred that again. A lot of people in Syria and Iraq deserve it. Don’t get me wrong, though, the children don’t, but almost every parent, politician, teacher, whatever, across those two countries that would impede LGBT rights deserves every lost relative, every beheading, every dead fucking wife.

My compassion extends to people that stand up for people that don’t deserve to suffer, and them only. But guess what, gays suffer in every facet of their lives. Their own parents are likely to kill them, not just the terrorists. I know that’s not true of every mother or father, and I know 100% of the population isn’t quite so extreme, but people that hold extreme prejudice are the clear majority and everyone knows it, including Amnesty International who struggle with the backward locals when trying to save LGBT persons.

But let’s not forget atheists. They live in hiding, too, forced to live in countries ruled by morons, and if you’re actually suspected of being one, well, the rule of law dictates execution – and that’s if the thug ‘vigilantes’ don’t drive you out with machetes first.

The views I express above are extreme, cruel and unhumanitarian in nature, but it’s the way I feel and I don’t see them changing anytime soon. I don’t actively wish for these people to suffer and I hope the right people make it out safe, but to all the rest, what goes around comes around and until such time I see change for the better in the lives of minorities in those countries, fuck you.

The fear and persecution faced by ordinary civilians in a town occupied by ISIS, is the same fear and persecution faced by almost every single gay man, woman and child across the entire Middle East and majority of Africa. This is why my compassion doesn’t extend beyond my personal minority. This is why the only refugees I’d accept are from my personal minority. This is why I defy conventional and naive liberal wisdom and meet the hostile attitudes of these medieval factions with cynicism and indifference regardless of what they’re fleeing.

I may feel differently tomorrow, but my compassion is battered to a pulp by the continual hardships faced by LGBT persons at the hands of these people I’m ‘meant’ to feel sorry for. I’m sick of hearing things like Muslim refugees throwing Christians overboard; I’m sick of hearing things like Christian Amnesty workers refusing their duty to help innocent people; I’m sick of hearing things like ordinary civilians rushing in to stone gay men thrown off buildings by ISIS. I’m just sick of these deluded idiots and I don’t want them polluting the liberal west with ideological extremism that seems impossible to counter despite offering them freedom. And I’d be lying if I said that the amount of Mosques popping up all over the country didn’t unnerve me.

They must know the pain of persecution; know what it’s like to be born a person at odds with the people in charge; know what it’s like to have their lives destroyed, their friends killed and their justice miscarried by self-righteous, misguided, ignorant, ideological, cruel and ARROGANT men of a different leaning – and then change for the better, otherwise no one will want them, especially their god, and rightly so. It’s an opportunity for their society to progress.

To conclude, I hate feeling this way and I’m frustrated that I can’t seem to rise above the same selfish and ignorant antics of the people that lead me here – not to mention the antics of the far-right. But the disgusting and glaring hypocrisy of these people seeking refuge is too hard to ignore. And trust me UN, there is NO side to rally, especially as the fall of Saddam Hussein quickly becomes one of the USA’s biggest and most ill-advised mistakes of all time. All it’s achieved is handing extremists the power to not take down these regimes built on Islam but become new regimes built on an even more extreme version.

And just an FYI, culture is no excuse. Human rights are borderless, raceless and non-negotiable. A gay man deserves to be respected and accepted, even if he’s born on the streets of Riyadh.



Further reading. Some quotes and facts to leave you with:

Obama, on his most recent African visit, stressed the importance of gay rights in Africa, to which the President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, replied: “There are some things that we must admit we don’t share. [LGBT persons] are not really an issue on the foremost minds of Kenyans.” – This isn’t surprising, of course, when surveys show nine in ten people in that region believe homosexual acts, therefore LGBT persons, to be unacceptable. So, do Kenyan’s deserve international aid? I don’t think so. Help is for people willing to change for the benefit of all citizens. Besides, they’re so fucking corrupt, I doubt money would end up being spent on those who need it.

As for where the murder of gay people is legally sanctioned… Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. But even if you look beyond written legislation or countries with no actual legislation regarding the issue, most LGBT persons born across the Middle East and Africa are destined for a life of hell, and I won’t support countries or persons that inflict it upon them #NoAid

By the way, the same countries that generally murder or persecute LGBT persons also murder and persecute atheists. For a laugh (and cry) Google the story of Mubarak Bala.

Here’s another joke, this time brought to you by the former president of Iran:

“In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country,” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said at Columbia University in response to a question about the execution of two gay men. “In Iran we do not have this phenomenon,” he continued. “I do not know who has told you we have it.”

The only nations that deserve a helping hand are the ones where there’s an increasing move towards the protection of all citizens, such as South Africa.